Fuck You PIGS

So there have been so many reasons why I should hate Police officers.
All I can ever really say is, “FUCK YOU PIGS!” all of you.
Even though some pigs do good work, I can’t offer you any respect
As a kid I saw you as our protectors,
as a teen you made me hate you, as an adult you made me hate you even more.

Maybe some of you are cool people, so blame your job for making me feel this way.

“Fuck you pigs!” is all I can say.
“Fuck you pigs!” is all I feel when I see you pass by.
“Fuck you pigs!” is what I hear in my head when I see or even think of flashing lights.
Even if we know each other personally outside of your job, I will still feel, and say, “FUCK YOU PIGS.”

Filipino Pride?! ………. yes that’s a Question Mark!


As Barth Suretsky, an American expat who lived and died in the Philippines lamented, the fundamental thing wrong with this country (Philippines) is a lack of pride in being Filipino“ All Filipinos want to be something else. The poor ones want to be American, and the rich ones all want to be Spaniards. Nobody wants to be Filipino.” No pride, no identity, no recollection of his glorious past that can project him in leading the future of his country. “A people without a sense of history is a people doomed to be unaware of their own identity.” -TBRM

Through the Craziness of Mass Media in the Phils., it is taught from a young age that Lighter complexion and having a pointed nose with a firm bridge was superior to being dark with a wider or button nose. Being a Mestiza or Mestizo was faaar more attractive than looking Indio/Native. Hmmm… how did that get cool?

Did this really shape where our people are getting their habits and preferences today? I mean how often do you see that Older Caucasian Male walking around with his Younger Filipina Wife? Is that normal to you? – TBRM

Filipino-American History Month

“Alas!  The whole misfortune of the present Filipinos consists in that they have become only half-way brutes.  The Filipino is convinced that to get happiness it is necessary for him to lay aside his dignity as a rational creature, to attend mass, to believe what is told him…without aspiring anything…without protesting against any injustice…any insult… that is, not to have heart, brain, or spirit; a creature with arms and a purse of gold. . . there’s the ideal native!.”(The Indolence of the Filipinos by José Rizal, 1890)

This was written in 1890????… why do I feel this somehow pertains to some Filipinos today?










My Daily Transit

hahaha Sooooo…. about 2 weeks ago… my car








decided to take a shit on me

















So i started taking the train from work starting at the Green Line Station!

A quick hop on the greenline


Then onto the BlueLine


Then onto the Redline


By this time im a bit burnt out…!!!

Then to Union Station



Then from here i either take the Bus home or get scooped.


Ahhhh the Public Transit System of Los Angeles…!!!!!