Filipino Pride?! ………. yes that’s a Question Mark!


As Barth Suretsky, an American expat who lived and died in the Philippines lamented, the fundamental thing wrong with this country (Philippines) is a lack of pride in being Filipino“ All Filipinos want to be something else. The poor ones want to be American, and the rich ones all want to be Spaniards. Nobody wants to be Filipino.” No pride, no identity, no recollection of his glorious past that can project him in leading the future of his country. “A people without a sense of history is a people doomed to be unaware of their own identity.” -TBRM

Through the Craziness of Mass Media in the Phils., it is taught from a young age that Lighter complexion and having a pointed nose with a firm bridge was superior to being dark with a wider or button nose. Being a Mestiza or Mestizo was faaar more attractive than looking Indio/Native. Hmmm… how did that get cool?

Did this really shape where our people are getting their habits and preferences today? I mean how often do you see that Older Caucasian Male walking around with his Younger Filipina Wife? Is that normal to you? – TBRM


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