Loved Ones….. Lost Ones……


“Some of the sweetest memories sting like Poisonous Snake Bites…”

I think of the people that i’m grateful to have had in my life, whether here or gone, and appreciate the experiences we’ve had, smiles and gripes we’ve shared, and the lessons we’ve learned.  I think back to our moments when nothing was more important than US at that exact point and time.

A couple of years ago, I lost a really good friend. He taught me so much, and was a major influence in my life. I thank God that we crossed each others paths, and that we made a beautiful friendship of it.

Cheers to my loved ones lost…. you are just as important to me now, as when we were together last.

Armando Flores Jr

Stevie Bueno

Jamal Navarro


Lee “Lucky” Raposa

Bobby Chung

Peter Corpus

Freddie Lambardo

Ninang Tita

Ninong Totoy

Tito Boy Lopez

amongst many others that have passed on. Rest In Peace Pamilya!




The Game Plan

My future is determined by me and me only…! Realizing this has made me come up with the ultimate choices, also known as the 50/50 Game Plan.

Along the lines of the methodologies of BW of Scrublife… i only have 2 choices…

Payless or my Dreams

All the moves i make now will determine if i will live my dreams in the life of Paradise, or be lazy and fail, only to fuck with the feet of customers as i bring them different sizes and make suggestive remarks clucking kicks at Payless.

Hmmmm………… I choose Paradise!

In the Beginning there were FONTS

Hi All,

My name is Marvin and i’m from Los Angeles, CA.

I’m starting this blog as a bit of a journal-style reflection on past and current experiences, as well as my thoughts as to how I deal with Life as a Filipino Born, product of the cultural melting pot that is Los Angeles.

I mean damn, i had no idea that not everyone ate white rice with every meal until i was 16 (i’ll brush on that story later).

Here’s the History of why I named this blog, “ANAK gotoCHARCH.” My buddy Neacy was bothered that the BLOG she wanted to name hers, was taken, so I asked her, “What is a living constant in your life? maybe something you can always hear your parents say?”

I told her my mom would say, “ANAK Pray” and she said her Doddy would always say, “ANAK Be Good.” but then i thought back to a time nearly 15 year ago when Neacy picked me up to go shopping on a Sunday, and my mom said, “ANAK, go to Church.”

She says that to me every single time i talk to her…! And I love it. This BLOG is dedicated to my wonderful Mother, “Corazon N.” who always pushed me to chase my dreams, and has always been that Constant positive force in my life.

hahahaha ENJOY…!!!!

Thats my MOM…!!! ^^^^^^^^